What are your hours of operation?

We are open to serve north and central Jersey 24/7.

What types of payments do you accept?
Cash, checks and credit cards!
How many people will be in my house?
It depends on the work you need done and we can let you know once we know how extensive the work is.
What do I do if I need to leave while you’re working?
It depends on your comfort level. We are happy and prefer to continue working but can pause the work if you would rather we left. However, if we need to stop the project can and will take longer to complete.
It’s freezing outside and my boiler has broken. It’s also midnight. Can I call you?
Yes you can. We will do our best to repair your boiler as soon as possible.
How quickly do you come?
How soon we reach you depends on our availability at the time of your call and the urgency of your issue.
How can I prepare for your visit?
The most important thing is our ability to access the area that needs work. To make this happen as smoothly as possible, please clear the area of breakable object or anything that you do not want to get dirty.
Will you need to see the project first to write up and estimate?
Yes. This is the best way to ensure we give you an excellent price.
How do you plan to keep things clean? Isn’t the work messy?
We cover the floor and surrounding furniture and, if there will be a lot of dust, we seal the area to ensure that little to no dirt is spread to other parts of the house.
If you’re unavailable, could you give me a good and reliable reference?
We will do our best.
Do you come on time?
We will do your best. Your time is valuable and if we cannot make the appointment or have been delayed, we will contact you to let you know.

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